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Blue Crew


The Judson University "Blue Crew" fans are some of the best at the NAIA level.  They bleed blue at every home event and create a great home atmosphere. 
Every incoming student receives a free "Blue Crew" shirt when they come to Judson.  Theses shirts have to be worn at the home games or matches in order to receive the "free" give aways at the game.  At home game, fans wearing their "Blue Crew" shirts may receive something free from Judson.  This free item, most of the time, is food but other gifts are given out, too.
For all student body, their names are put into the Judson Jackpot as they have a chance to win money at the home volleyball and men's and women's basketball games.  The Judson Jackpot has been as high as $850.  The student must be present to win and wearing their "Blue Crew" shirt.
Every fall, the Judson dorms compete in the Dorm Olympics at the Judson men's and women's soccer matches.  Each dorm has representatives compete for points.  At the end of the season, the dorm with the most points receives a prize.  The olympics feature silly games and competitions that bring the floors together.
TRUE BLUE FAN CLUB (students, faculty, staff)
Starting in the 2008-09 athletic year, a new contest will take place for students and faculty and staff.  Each person will have a chance to accumulate points in order to receive free items from Judson University.  These items include Judson athletic apparal, gift cards, and an IPOD Nano.  In order to receive your points, all you need to do is attend a home event for an hour.  You will be required to swipe your ID card in and out as you leave to receive the points.  Every home event is worth one point with post-season home events worth two points.
Point Chart
10 points - Judson Athletic T-Shirt
20 points - Judson Athletic Long Sleeve T-Shirt
30 points - Food Gift Card ($25)
40 points - Judson Athletic Fleece or Sweatshirt
50 points - Free One-Hour Massage
60 points - Best Buy Gift Card ($50)
70 points - IPOD Nano
The person that has the most points for the 2008-09 Judson athletic year will receive a special prize.