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Womens Cross Country

NAIA/NCCAA National Meet Participants - Women's Cross Country

Judson has had two runners participate in the NAIA National Cross Country Meet and competed as a team in 2010 at the NCCAA National Cross Country Meet.  Judson started women's cross country in 2008. 


NAIA National Meet Participants

2008 - Rachael Dean (61st)

2009 - Rachael Dean (50th), Kim Peek (227th) 

2011 - Sarah Miller


NCCAA National Meet Participants

2008 - Rachael Dean (30th)

2009 - Rachael Dean (3rd), Kim Peek (26th)

2010 - Kim Peek (34th) (20:03.08), Meaghan Gard (35th) (20:03.47), Kristal Pitts (53rd) (20:38), Morgan Kimball (57th) (20:42), Dianna Clark (92nd) (22:07), Stephanie Belokon (93rd) (22:12), Cassie Criminger (96th) (22:26)