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JUISY awards


Voting starts on April 2nd and will stay open through April 11th, 2012

The Judson JUISY award was created in the 2007-08 athletic year and is a take off of the ESPN Espy Awards.  The JUISY awards will be given out annually at the end of April each athletic year to recognize athletes and their accomplishments for that athletic year.  Students, athletes, fans, families, alumni, and anybody else will be able to vote online for their favorite JUISY awards.  The awards will then be given out at the Judson Athletic Ceremony in April.

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Judson JUISY Awards

What are the JUISY Awards?

The JUISY award was created in the 2007-08 athletic year by the Judson athletic and sports information department.  It is an award that will honor athletes for their great accomplishments during that athletic year.

Who can win a JUISY ?

Any Judson student-athlete can win the award if they are nominated.  The Judson athletic administration will nominate athletes for each category.

Who votes for the JUISY award?

All fans, alumni, family, friends, students can vote on-line for their favorite athlete in the category that they have been nominated in.  On-line voting begins April 6th.

Who can attend the JUISY ceremony ?

Anyone can attend and the admission for the ceremony and dinner is $12.00.

Where is the JUISY awards ceremony ?

The 2011 ceremony will take place at the Lindner Fitness Center on the campus of Judson University on Sunday, April 17th at 5:30pm.  Call Jan at 847/628-1580 for reservations.

Who's the host?

Each year, the athletic department will pick different students to host the awards.  The 2011 host is former men's cross country runner Dakota West and softball player Brianne Simmons.

How many awards will be presented?

There will be 15 awards presented alon with special recognition of the scholar-athletes and Judson's male and female athlete of the year.  Listed below are the awards that will be given:

  • The Awards 
  • Male Champions of Character Award
  • Female Champions of Character Award
  • Male Individual Performance of the Year
  • Female Individual Performance of the Year
  • Male Newcomer of the Year
  • Female Newcomer of the Year
  • Male Best Supporting Role
  • Female Best Supporting Role
  • Male Breakthrough Athlete of the Year
  • Female Breakthrough Athlete of the Year
  • Mr. Eagle
  • Ms. Eagle
  • Male Team Coach of the Year
  • Female Team Coach of the Year
  • Top Male Team Moment of the Year
  • Top Female Team Moment of the Year
What will the winner receive?

A framed JUISY certificate with a picture of them and the award name of what they won.