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Job Descriptions

Sport Coordinator Protocol

Sport Coordinator Mission:  To provide leadership to an individual sport at Judson University so as to provide the student body with opportunities for recreation, competition and fun.
Once hired by the Intramural Director:
- Bring Social Security card and drivers license to payroll (so that you can get paid)
- Read rules for your particular sport found on the website
- Buy a good whistle
As the sport coordinator you are responsible for setting up the court or field for competition:
For Football:
- Call security and have them get you into the building and into the closet to get the fieldmarkers, flagbelts and football.
- Set up the yard markers on the utility field next to the soccer field with the 30 yard line being "midfield".
- Use cones around the rest of the field for better sight references.
-Once finished pick up the cones, markers and flags and return them to the closet.
- Call security once finished to have them lock up the closet.
For Soccer:
- Bring in the soccer goals from outside
- The goals might need mending with electrical tape or string. 
- Push in the bleachers using the cord
- The ball and key can be found behind the weightroom desk
- Use the "key" to put the curtain and all basketball rims up
- If goals are wet, put rug under them.  They can be found in the backroom by the double doors.
- Once finished put the goals back outside
For Volleyball:
- Call security and have them open the cage.
- Pull out the poles, crank, pads, nets, antennaes and one cart of balls
- Set the poles to "24/25" which is women's height
- When finished put the nets inside one of the pads, and return everything back to its rightful place
- Call security when leaving to have them lock up the closet.
For Basketball:
- The baskets are usually down which is all that is needed
In case of serious injuries:
- Since you are not trained in CPR or First Aid, remain calm and appoint someone to call campus safety.  They are trained for these type of situations.  Be sure to contact the Intramural Director the next day to inform them of the events.
In case of incidents with participants:
- If a participant takes a swing at anyone else, they are to be immediately ejected from the premises and reported to the Intramural Director for disciplinary measures.
- If a participant is obnoxious and mouthing off to the referee or other participants, remain calm and ask them to stop.  If they persist, they should be asked to leave the premises and reported to the Intramural Director.
- Intramurals is a priviledge and not a right.  Every night at intramurals should be a GOOD night.