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Women's Basketball - Sat, Feb. 18, 2017
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ELGIN, Ill. - - - The women's basketball seniors capped off a stellar regular season with an 82-76 win over the Fighting Bees from St. Ambrose University for Senior Day. Judson wrapped up CCAC action Saturday afternoon and finished the team's first above .500 winning season since 2008-09. The Eagles finish 18-12 overall and posted a 13-7 conference record. With Saturday's win, Judson secures a spot in their third consecutive CCAC conference tournament with a chance to also compete in the NCCAA National tournament. The team has not been to a national tournament since the 2005-06 season and has not been to the NCCAA National tournament since 1995.


The Eagles ended the regular season on a high note with next year's senior Jayla Barrett leading the team with 22 points and going 4-for-6 from 3-pt range. Kelli Ludwig was the leading senior with 10 points and four assists while fellow senior Melanie Claudio also totaled 10 points while going 5-for-10 from the field. Emylyn Wright was the second leading scorer totaling 17 points behind Barrett and provided a 7-for-10 shooting boost off the bench. Judson's bench has been a big assest for the Eagles all season and the bench totaled 46 points compared to St. Ambrose's 26. The game was a back and forth battle through the first three quarters before Judson went off for 27 points in the fourth to take the eight point lead to the end for the win.


The Eagles may be done at home for the regular season, but the remarkable careers of the eight Eagles that were honored will leave a lasting impact on the program. Below is a recap of those careers and remarks from Coach Kristi Cirone as read during the ceremonies.

#3 Diamond Courts

Diamond has been a part of our program for four years. She has worked extremely hard both on and off the court in her journey here at Judson to become a captain and help lead others. Diamond has been one of our floor generals since she came here as a freshman. She shows great passion in everything that she does but especially when she gets on the court and battles with her teammates. Diamond always comes with a smile on her face to do something that she loves. As of now in her career, Diamond has 962 points, 109 steals, and 425 rebounds. She ranked no.8 all-time in free-throws made with 215, no.7 in 3-pt field goals made with 121, and no.7 in assists with 306.

Diamond is graduating in May with a degree in Business Management.


#12 Kelli Ludwig

Kelli has been a part of our program for four years. She has shown great leadership for this program through her positive energy and attitude that she has brought day in and day out. Kelli has been a three year captain and has set a freat example for her teammates and this program. She has come to battle every single day and has a great work ethic both on and off the court. She is unselfish and is a great teammate. As of now, Kelli has 1,302 points, 184 assists, 424 rebounds, and 145 steals. She ranks no.6 all-time in points, no.7 in free throws made with 229, and no.2 in 3-pt field goals made with 197.

Kelli is graduating in May with a degree in Sports Administration and minor in Business.


#14 Ashley Heine

Ashley has been a part of our program for four years. She was another one of our floor generals as soon as she stepped on the court as a freshman and has done a fantastic job. From the beginning, she has always been willing to do the little things like taking a charge and sacrificing for her teammates. Ashley is extremely unselfish and always puts the team before herself. She has been a great leader for us especially by example through her actions and hard work. As of now, Ashley has 320 points, 61 steals, and 255 rebounds. Ashley ranks no.8 all-time in assists at 286.

Ashley will graduate in May with a degree in Health and Wellness.


#21 Sarah Matson

Sarah has been a part of our program for two years. She always comes to practice with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Sarah is a great, unselfish teammate who has worked hard every day and has made her teammates better because of it. We have been blessed to have someone who is as genuinely kind and caring as Sarah is about others, especially everyone in the program.

Sarah will graduate next December with a degree in Elementary Education.


#23 Jenny Chesney

Jenny has been a part of our program for two years. She is very unselfish and genuinely cares about other, especially her teammates. Jenny has faced some adversity in her life but she has never let it bring her down. Instead, she chooses to fight it head on and turn it into a positive. In those times, she still thinks about others. Her toughness and positivity are inspiring. She has been a loyal and great teammate through her time here.

Jenny is graduating in May with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.


#24 Bethany Zornow

Bethany has been a part of the program for three years. She has been an extremely hard worker both on and off the court and never wastes a day when it comes to her work ethic. Bethany is extremely unselfish, whatever has been asked of her, she has done it and then some more. She is someone that you never want to be on the receiving end of the screen. Bethany battles every day with her teammates and we will miss her on the boards next season. In her time here, Bethany has accumulated 494 points, 307 rebounds, 83 assists, and 46 steals.

She will be graduating in May with degrees in Business Management and Marketing.


#25 Melanie Claudio

Mel has been a part of our program for four years. She has been a fantastic leader for us both on and off the court and has been a great example for her teammates. Mel has shown great resilience and has shown a great work ethic to get to where she is now. She deeply cares for her teammates and always willing to serve others. Her will and intensity for life and the game of basketball has shown day after day. As of now Mel has accumulated 512 points, 437 rebounds, 37 steals, and 134 offensive rebounds in her career. Mel ranked no.8 all-time in blocked shots with 56.

Melanie is graduating in May with a degree in Health and Wellness.


Sunny Lee; Student Manager

Sunny has been a part of the program for two years as a student manager. We have been blessed to have Sunny's positive attitude and contagious energy around on a daily basis. She is extremely selfless and caring. She will go out of her way to help anyone without expecting anything in return. Sunny is the true definition of a servant leader. She is beloved by everyone in the program and she will be dearly missed.

Sunny will graduate in May with a degree in Communications.