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Athletics - Thu, Feb. 9, 2017
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ELGIN, Ill. - - - A.J. the Eagle, the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference, and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics enters into the second round of the CCAC / NAIA National Mascot Challenge this weekend. This next challenge features head-to-head competition, single elimination 8-team tournament, and all of your participation! Round 2 for A.J. vs Bernie starts tomorrow, Friday Feb. 10th at 8am and ends Saturday, Feb. 11th at 8am!


HOW TO VOTE: Starting tomorrow Feb. 10th, voting will take place on Twitter only! The two accounts to A.J. the Eagle's picture will be on the CCAC account (@CCACSports) and the main Judson Athletic account (@JUAthletics). A "like" receives 1-point and a "retweet" receives 2-points. Be sure to pass on the word and vote for A.J.


TOURNAMENT UPDATE: Voting bewteen Saint Xavier's Champ and Holy Cross' Basil is taking place now! No.1 seed Leo from Purdue-Northwest and No.2 seed Toby from Olivet Nazarene have advanced and defeated their respective opponents. If A.J. moves on we will face No.1 seed Leo in Rd.3.


If we get A.J. voted as a CCAC conference winner he will move on to the the next rounds where he will receive the bid to the NAIA Mascot Challenge. In this case A.J. will be competing nationally against all NAIA schools and have the chance to be featured at the NAIA National Basketball Championships in March.


Be on the look out for updates, posts, and voting results! Let's get A.J. the Eagle to CCAC fame.