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2015-16 Master Schedule
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Day Time Sport   Opponent
Wed196:30 PMVolleyball vs. Elgin CC
Thu206:00 PMVolleyball @ Lincoln Christian (IL)
Sat223:00 PMVolleyball vs. Governor State University
Fri281:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Taylor (IN)
 Judson Tournament
Fri284:30 PMVolleyball @ Lawrence Technological University
 University of Michigan-Dearborn Tournament
Fri287:00 PMVolleyball @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
 University of Michigan-Dearborn Tournament
Sat2910:00 AMVolleyball @ Spring Arbor (MI)
 University of Michigan-Dearborn Tournament
Sat2910:00 AMWomen's Soccer vs. Indiana Tech
Sat2912:30 PMVolleyball @ Madonna University
 University of Michigan-Dearborn Tournament
Sat2912:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Jamestown
 Judson Tournament
Tue17:00 PMVolleyball vs. Indiana-Northwest
Thu34:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Waubonsee Community College
Fri412:00 PMWomen's GolfDay 1 - Bristol Oaks Golf Course Carthage Tournament
Fri42:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Dordt College
 Northwestern College Tournament
Fri44:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Waubonsee Community College
Fri46:30 PMMen's Cross CountryElmhurst College Early Bird Invitational
Fri46:30 PMWomen's Cross CountryElmhurst College Early Bird Invitational
Fri47:30 PMWomen's Soccer @ Grand View (IA)
Sat512:00 PMWomen's GolfDay 2 - Bristol Oaks Golf Course Carthage Tournament
Sat55:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Northwestern (IA)
 Northwestern College Tournament
Sat57:30 PMWomen's Soccer @ MidAmerica Nazarene University
Tue87:00 PMVolleyball vs. Robert Morris (IL)
Wed94:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Marian University
Thu103:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Aurora University
Thu107:00 PMVolleyball @ Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Fri1112:00 PMWomen's GolfDay 1 - NCCAA Women's Golf North Central Regional | Blackthorn Golf Course
Fri111:00 PMMen's GolfDay 1 - Tim Kopka Memorial Tournament | Hosted by Carthage
Fri112:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Quincy University
 Quincy Tournament "No team scoring"
Fri115:45 PMMen's Cross CountryAurora University Spartan Classic
Fri115:45 PMWomen's Cross CountryAurora University Spartan Classic
Fri117:00 PMVolleyball vs. Moody Bible Institute
Sat129:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Quincy University
 Quincy Tournament "No team scoring"
Sat1212:00 PMWomen's GolfDay 2 - NCCAA Women's Golf North Central Regional | Blackthorn Golf Course
Sat121:00 PMMen's GolfDay 2 - Tim Kopka Memorial Tournament | Hosted by Carthage
Sat122:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Indiana Tech
Mon149:00 AMMen's GolfIndiana Wesleyan Fall Invitational
Tue153:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of Illinois at Springfield
Tue153:30 PMWomen's Tennis vs. North Park (IL)
Tue157:00 PMVolleyball @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
Wed163:30 PMWomen's Tennis @ Aurora University
Fri181:00 PMVolleyball @ Bellevue University
 Olivet Nazarene University Tournament
Fri184:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Greenville College
Fri185:00 PMVolleyball @ Campbellsville University
 Olivet Nazarene University Tournament
Sat1910:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Quincy University
 Quincy University Tournament - No team scoring
Sat1912:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Trinity Christian (IL)
Sat191:00 PMVolleyball @ Georgetown College
 Olivet Nazarene University Tournament
Sat192:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Trinity Christian (IL)
Sat193:00 PMVolleyball @ Bethel (IN)
 Olivet Nazarene University Tournament
Sun201:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Loras
Tue224:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Calumet College (IN)
Tue227:00 PMVolleyball vs. Saint Xavier (IL)
Wed234:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Calumet College (IN)
Fri2511:00 AMMen's GolfNCCAA North Central Regional Golf Tournament
Fri251:00 PMWomen's GolfDay 1 - Delbrook Golf Club
Fri253:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Concordia University
Fri253:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Concordia University
Fri256:00 PMVolleyball @ Roosevelt University
Sat269:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Knox College
Sat2611:30 AMMen's GolfNCCAA North Central Regional Golf Tournament
Sat2612:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Dominican University
Sat261:00 PMWomen's GolfDay 2 - Delbrook Golf Club
Sat265:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Olivet Nazarene (IL)
Sat267:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Olivet Nazarene (IL)
Tue292:00 PMWomen's GolfBlackberry Oaks Golf Course
Tue293:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Robert Morris (IL)
Wed304:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Robert Morris (IL)
Wed306:00 PMVolleyball vs. Lincoln Christian (IL)
Fri24:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. St. Mary's
Fri25:00 PMVolleyball @ Purdue-North Central (IN)
 CCAC Crossover | University of St. Francis
Fri25:45 PMMen's Cross CountryIllinois Intercollegiate (Olivet Nazarene)
Fri25:45 PMWomen's Cross CountryIllinois Intercollegiate (Olivet Nazarene)
Fri27:30 PMVolleyball @ Indiana University-South Bend
 CCAC Crossover | University of St. Francis
Sat310:00 AMVolleyball @ St. Francis (IL)
 CCAC Crossover | University of St. Francis
Sat312:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Saint Xavier (IL)
 Homecoming Game
Sat32:30 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Saint Xavier (IL)
Sun4 Men's GolfBenedictine Invitational
Tue64:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Trinity International (IL)
Tue67:00 PMVolleyball vs. Trinity International (IL)
Wed74:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Trinity International (IL)
Fri93:30 PMMen's Tennis vs. Lawrence Technological University
Fri93:30 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Lawrence Technological University
Sat1010:00 AMWomen's Tennis vs. Concordia University
Sat1011:00 AMMen's Cross CountryLucian Rosa Invitational
Sat1011:00 AMWomen's Cross CountryLucian Rosa Invitational
Sat1012:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Purdue-Calumet (IN)
Sat101:00 PMVolleyball @ Indiana-Northwest
 Double header at Indiana University-Northwest
Sat102:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Purdue-Calumet (IN)
Sat103:00 PMVolleyball @ Goshen College
 Double header at Indiana University-Northwest
Tue133:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. St. Francis (IL)
Tue137:00 PMVolleyball @ Robert Morris (IL)
Wed144:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. St. Francis (IL)
Thu157:00 PMVolleyball vs. Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Sat172:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Clarke University
Tue202:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Tue207:00 PMVolleyball vs. Saint Ambrose (IA)
Wed212:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Thu227:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Elgin CC
Fri235:00 PMVolleyball @ Purdue-Calumet (IN)
 CCAC Crossover | Trinity International | Court #1
Fri237:30 PMVolleyball @ Olivet Nazarene (IL)
 CCAC Crossover | Trinity International | Court #2
Sat2411:30 AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Seminole Valley Stampede (Mount Mercy)
Sat2411:30 AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Seminole Valley Stampede (Mount Mercy)
Sat2412:00 PMVolleyball @ Calumet College (IN)
 CCAC Crossover | Trinity International | Court #2
Sat2412:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Roosevelt University
Sat242:30 PMVolleyball @ Trinity Christian (IL)
 CCAC Crossover | Trinity International | Court #1
Sat242:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Roosevelt University
Mon267:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Andrews University
Tue273:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
 Davenport Soccer Complex
Tue277:00 PMVolleyball @ Saint Xavier (IL)
Wed283:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
 Davenport Soccer Complex
Wed285:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
 2705 Cedar St, Muscatine, IA 52761
Wed285:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Indiana-Northwest
Wed287:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
 2705 Cedar St, Muscatine, IA 52761
Wed287:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Indiana-Northwest
Thu297:30 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Trinity Christian - JV
Fri307:00 PMVolleyball vs. Roosevelt University
 Senior Night
Fri307:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Harper College
Sat3112:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Holy Cross College
 Senior Day
Sat311:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Taylor (IN)
Sat312:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Holy Cross College
 Senior Day
Sat313:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Governor State University
Tue37:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Indiana University Kokomo
Wed47:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Elgin Community College
Thu56:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Bethel (IN)
Thu57:00 PMVolleyball @ Trinity International (IL)
Fri62:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
 CCAC Tournament | Quarterfinals
Sat711:00 AMMen's Cross CountryCCAC Championships
Sat711:45 AMWomen's Cross CountryCCAC Championships
Sat71:00 PMVolleyball @ Governor State University
Sat73:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Siena Heights University
Tue101:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Trinity International (IL)
 CCAC Tournament | Semifinals
Tue107:00 PMVolleyball @ Trinity Christian (IL)
 CCAC Tournament Quarterfinals
Tue107:30 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Waubonsee Community College
Wed115:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Moody Bible Institute
Wed117:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Wilberforce University
Sat149:00 AMWomen's Cross CountryNCCAA National Championships
Sat1410:00 AMMen's Cross CountryNCCAA National Championships
Sat141:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Huntington (IN)
Sat143:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Emmaus Bible College
Wed185:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Wed187:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Thu197:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ TBA
 Dayspring Bible College
Fri207:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Trinity International - JV
Sat211:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Olivet Nazarene (IL)
Sat213:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Olivet Nazarene (IL)
Sat216:00 PMVolleyball @ Lincoln Christian (IL)
 NCCAA Regional Championship
Mon237:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Trinity International (IL)
Tue245:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Trinity International (IL)
Tue17:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Trinity International - JV
Wed25:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Robert Morris (IL)
Wed27:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Robert Morris (IL)
Thu37:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Olivet Nazarene - JV
Sat511:00 AMMen's Indoor T&FTitan First Chance
Sat511:00 AMWomen's Indoor T&FTitan First Chance
Sat51:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. St. Francis (IL)Live VideoLive Stats
Sat53:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. St. Francis (IL)Live VideoLive Stats
Sat1212:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Holy Cross College
Sat122:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Holy Cross College
Sun1312:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 Klotsche Center
Tue156:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Ashford (IA)Live VideoLive Stats
Thu176:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Governor State UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
Thu177:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Huntington (IN)
Sat191:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Purdue-Calumet (IN)Live VideoLive Stats
Sat193:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Purdue-Calumet (IN)Live VideoLive Stats
Wed3011:30 AMWomen's Basketball @ Johnson & Wales University
 The Athlete's Meals Classic
Thu312:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Ave Maria University
 The Athlete's Meals Classic
Sat21:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Northern Illinois
Tue55:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Saint Xavier (IL)Live VideoLive Stats
Tue57:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Saint Xavier (IL)Live VideoLive Stats
Thu74:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Wilberforce University
Thu77:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Silver Lake College
Sat912:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Indiana University-South Bend
Sat92:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Indiana University-South Bend
Tue127:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Lincoln Christian (IL)
Wed135:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Roosevelt University
Wed137:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Roosevelt University
Thu147:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Rockford College - JV
Sat1610:00 AMMen's Indoor T&FKarl Schlendern invitational
Sat1610:00 AMWomen's Indoor T&FKarl Schlendern invitational
Sat161:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Viterbo UniversityLive Video
Sat163:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Purdue-North Central (IN)
Mon187:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. TBA
 Dayspring Bible College
Wed205:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Saint Ambrose (IA)
Wed207:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Saint Ambrose (IA)
Fri22 JV Men's Basketball @ Governor State University
Sat2310:00 AMMen's Indoor T&FRanger Home Opener
Sat2310:00 AMWomen's Indoor T&FRanger Home Opener
Sat231:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Calumet College (IN)
Sat233:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Calumet College (IN)
Wed275:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Wed277:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Thu287:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Rockford College - JV
Sat305:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Trinity Christian (IL)
 Alumni Day
Sat307:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Trinity Christian (IL)
 Alumni Day
Mon17:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Olivet Nazarene - JV
Wed35:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Trinity International (IL)
Wed37:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Trinity International (IL)
Fri57:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Trinity International - JV
Sat610:30 AMMen's Indoor T&FWindy City Invitational
Sat610:30 AMWomen's Indoor T&FWindy City Invitational
Sat61:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Robert Morris (IL)
Sat63:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Robert Morris (IL)
Tue96:30 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Andrews University
Wed105:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Saint Xavier (IL)Live Video
Wed107:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Saint Xavier (IL)Live VideoLive Stats
Fri125:00 PMWomen's Indoor T&FChicagoland Indoor Championships
Sat1310:00 AMMen's Indoor T&FChicagoland Indoor Championships
Sat133:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Maranatha Baptist Bible College
Wed175:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Roosevelt University
 Senior Night
Wed177:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Roosevelt University
Fri194:00 PMMen's Indoor T&FDay 1 - NCCAA Indoor National Championships
Fri194:00 PMWomen's Indoor T&FDay 1 - NCCAA Indoor National Championships
Sat209:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Knox College
Sat2010:00 AMMen's Indoor T&FDay 2 - NCCAA Indoor National Championships
Sat2010:00 AMWomen's Indoor T&FDay 2 - NCCAA Indoor National Championships
Sat2012:00 PMMen's Tennis @ University of Dubuque
Sat201:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
Sat203:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
Thu35:00 PMMen's Indoor T&FDay 1 - NAIA Indoor National Championships
Thu35:00 PMWomen's Indoor T&FDay 1 - NAIA Indoor National Championships
Fri41:00 PMMen's Indoor T&FDay 2 - NAIA Indoor National Championships
Fri45:00 PMWomen's Indoor T&FDay 2 - NAIA Indoor National Championships
Sat51:00 PMMen's Indoor T&FDay 3 - NAIA Indoor National Championships
Sat55:00 PMWomen's Indoor T&FDay 3 - NAIA Indoor National Championships
Mon7 Men's Tennis @ Cedarville University
 Spring Break
Mon7 Women's Tennis @ Cedarville University
 Spring Break
Tue89:00 AMMen's Tennis @ King's College
 Spring Break
Tue89:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ King's College
 Spring Break
Tue83:30 PMMen's Tennis @ Regis College
 Spring Break
Tue83:30 PMWomen's Tennis @ Regis College
 Spring Break
Wed99:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Ottawa University
 Spring Break
Wed99:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Ottawa University
 Spring Break
Thu10 Men's Tennis @ University of Northwestern - St. Paul
 Spring Break
Thu10 Women's Tennis @ University of Northwestern - St. Paul
 Spring Break
Fri11 Men's Tennis @ Aquinas College
 Spring Break
Sat193:30 PMMen's Tennis @ Central College
Sat193:30 PMWomen's Tennis @ Central College
Mon214:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Aurora University
Sat26 Women's Tennis vs. Robert Morris (IL)
Wed30 Men's Tennis @ St. Francis (IL)
Wed30 Women's Tennis @ St. Francis (IL)
Thu31 Men's Tennis @ Dominican University
Sat2 Men's Tennis @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
Sat2 Women's Tennis @ Saint Ambrose (IA)
Tue5 Women's Tennis vs. Roosevelt University
Wed6 Men's Tennis vs. Roosevelt University
Sat9 Men's Tennis vs. Purdue-Calumet (IN)
Sat9 Women's Tennis vs. Purdue-Calumet (IN)
Mon114:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Concordia University
Tue12 Men's Tennis @ Olivet Nazarene (IL)
Wed13 Women's Tennis @ Olivet Nazarene (IL)
Sat16 Men's Tennis @ Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Sat16 Women's Tennis @ Cardinal Stritch (WI)
Tue19 Women's Tennis vs. Calumet College (IN)
Wed20 Men's Tennis vs. Calumet College (IN)
Mon25 Women's Tennis @ CCAC Tournament
 1st Round
Tue26 Men's Tennis @ CCAC Tournament
 1st Round
Thu28 Women's Tennis @ CCAC Tournament
 Semi Finals
Fri29 Men's Tennis @ CCAC Tournament
 Semi Finals
Sat30 Men's Tennis @ CCAC Tournament
Sat30 Women's Tennis @ CCAC Tournament