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2013-14 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
223:00PMVolleyballatAIB College of Business
 Mount Mercy Zio John's Mustang Invitational
224:00PMWomen's SocceratGrace College
225:00PMVolleyballatMayville State University
 Mount Mercy Zio John's Mustang Invitational
2311:15AMVolleyballatPacific Union College
 Mount Mercy Zio John's Mustang Invitational
231:30PMMen's SoccervsMt. Vernon Nazarene (OH)
232:15PMVolleyballatWilliam Penn University
 Mount Mercy Zio John's Mustang Invitational
242:00PMMen's SoccervsGrace College
296:00PMJV VolleyballvsElgin CC
304:00PMVolleyballatMount Mercy (IA)
 SXU/TCC Tournament @ Trinity Christian
306:00PMVolleyballatSpring Arbor (MI)
 SXU/TCC Tournament @ Trinity Christian
3112:00PMVolleyballatSiena Heights University
 SXU/TCC Tournament @ Saint Xavier
3112:00PMWomen's SoccervsMidAmerica Nazarene University
312:00PMVolleyballatSaint Xavier (IL)
 SXU/TCC Tournament @ Saint Xavier
24:00PMWomen's SoccervsViterbo University
44:00PMMen's SocceratSaint Ambrose (IA)
61:00PMVolleyballatClarke University
 Viterbo Tournament
65:00PMVolleyballatWaldorf College
 Viterbo Tournament
65:00PMMen's Cross CountryMidwest Classic
65:00PMWomen's Cross CountryMidwest Classic
79:00AMVolleyballatHannibal-LaGrange University
 Viterbo Tournament
712:00PMWomen's SoccervsIndiana Tech
71:00PMVolleyballatSt. Francis (IL)
 Viterbo Tournament
107:00PMVolleyballatCardinal Stritch (WI)
114:00PMWomen's SoccervsHuntington (IN)
127:00PMVolleyballvsTrinity International (IL)
133:00PMMen's SocceratLindenwood University-Belleville
135:00PMMen's Cross CountryIllinois Intercollegiate Meet
135:00PMWomen's Cross CountryIllinois Intercollegiate Meet
14 Women's SocceratAshford (IA)
144:00PMMen's SocceratGreenville College
145:30PMVolleyballvsMount Mercy (IA)
202:00PMVolleyballatMillikin University
 University of Chicago Tournament
204:00PMVolleyballatElmhurst College
 University of Chicago Tournament
212:30PMMen's SoccervsPurdue-Calumet (IN)
244:00PMMen's SocceratTrinity International (IL)
247:00PMVolleyballatRobert Morris (IL)
254:00PMWomen's SocceratTrinity International (IL)
267:00PMVolleyballatRoosevelt University
273:00PMVolleyballvsColumbia College
277:00PMVolleyballvsIndiana Wesleyan
281:00PMMen's SoccervsOlivet Nazarene (IL)
 Homecoming Game
283:30PMWomen's SoccervsOlivet Nazarene (IL)
 Homecoming Game
16:00PMWomen's SocceratSaint Xavier (IL)
17:00PMVolleyballvsIllinois Tech
27:00PMMen's SocceratSaint Xavier (IL)
47:30PMVolleyballvsIndiana University-South Bend
 CCAC Crossover
511:00AMMen's Cross CountryWarrior Invitational
511:00AMWomen's Cross CountryWarrior Invitational
512:00PMVolleyballvsCalumet College (IN)
 CCAC Crossover
512:00PMMen's SocceratCalumet College (IN)
 Game has been rescheduled for Monday, Oct. 28 in East Chicago, Ind.
512:00PMWomen's SocceratCalumet College (IN)
52:15PMVolleyballvsSt. Francis (IL)
 CCAC Crossover
84:00PMMen's SoccervsCardinal Stritch (WI)
87:00PMVolleyballvsSaint Xavier (IL)
93:00PMWomen's SoccervsCardinal Stritch (WI)
107:00PMVolleyballvsCardinal Stritch (WI)
115:00PMMen's Cross CountryBethel Invitational
115:00PMWomen's Cross CountryBethel Invitational
1212:00PMMen's SocceratClarke University
153:00PMWomen's SoccervsRoosevelt University
157:00PMVolleyballatTrinity International (IL)
163:00PMMen's SoccervsRoosevelt University
19 Women's SocceratIllinois Tech
191:00PMVolleyballatSaint Ambrose (IA)
 Robert Morris University Tri
193:00PMVolleyballatRobert Morris (IL)
 Robert Morris Tri
193:30PMMen's SocceratIllinois Tech
217:00PMWomen's BasketballatCollege of DuPage
226:00PMMen's SocceratRobert Morris (IL)
23 Women's SocceratRobert Morris (IL)
251:00PMVolleyballvsTrinity Christian (IL)
 CCAC Crossover hosted by Purdue-North Central
255:00PMVolleyballatPurdue-Calumet (IN)
 CCAC Crossover @ Purdue North Central
256:00PMWomen's BasketballatElgin Community College
258:00PMJV Men's BasketballatElgin CC
269:00AMVolleyballatPurdue-North Central (IN)
 CCAC Crossover @ Purdue North Central
2611:00AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Great Lakes Invitational
2611:00AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Great Lakes Invitational
2612:00PMWomen's SoccervsSt. Francis (IL)
261:00PMVolleyballatOlivet Nazarene (IL)
 CCAC Crossover @ Purdue North Central
262:30PMMen's SoccervsSt. Francis (IL)
285:30PMMen's SocceratCalumet College (IN)
 Rescheduled from October 5th
293:00PMWomen's SoccervsHoly Cross College
297:00PMVolleyballvsRobert Morris (IL)
303:00PMMen's SoccervsHoly Cross College
317:00PMVolleyballvsRoosevelt University
18:30PMMen's BasketballvsHuntington (IN)
 Purdue Calumet Tournament
212:00PMWomen's SocceratTrinity Christian (IL)
22:30PMMen's SocceratTrinity Christian (IL)
25:00PMMen's BasketballvsIndiana-Northwest
 Purdue Calumet Tournament
27:00PMWomen's BasketballatSt. Francis (IL)
47:00PMJV Men's BasketballatHarper College
55:30PMWomen's BasketballvsSilver Lake College
57:00PMVolleyballatIllinois Tech
57:30PMMen's BasketballvsSilver Lake College
63:00PMWomen's SoccervsPurdue-Calumet (IN)
 Game relocated to South Barrington Turf Fields
77:00PMVolleyballatSaint Xavier (IL)
85:00PMMen's BasketballvsIndiana University East
 Hall of Fame Tournament
910:00AMMen's Cross CountryChicagoland Area Athletic Conference (CCAC)
910:00AMWomen's Cross CountryChicagoland Area Athletic Conference (CCAC)
911:00AMWomen's SoccervsTrinity International (IL)
 CCAC Quarterfinals
912:00PMMen's BasketballvsGreat Lakes Christian College
 Hall of Fame Tournament
91:00PMWomen's BasketballatAshford (IA)
91:30PMMen's SoccervsSaint Xavier (IL)
 CCAC Quarterfinals- Lost 4-2 in PKs
127:00PMJV Men's BasketballatTruman College
136:00PMWomen's BasketballvsMoody Bible Institute
138:00PMMen's BasketballvsRobert Morris (IL)
156:00PMWomen's BasketballatRochester College
 Huntington Tournament
16 Men's Cross CountryNCCAA Cross Country Championships
16 Women's Cross CountryNCCAA Cross Country Championships
1612:00PMWomen's BasketballatWilberforce University
 Huntington Tournament
162:00PMMen's BasketballatGoshen College
197:00PMMen's BasketballvsIndiana Wesleyan
201:00PMWomen's SocceratTrinity Christian (IL)
 NCCAA Region Championship
206:00PMWomen's BasketballatClarke University
217:00PMJV Men's BasketballatTrinity International - JV
23 Men's Cross CountryNAIA Cross Country Championships
23 Women's Cross CountryNAIA Cross Country Championships
231:00PMWomen's BasketballvsTaylor (IN)
234:00PMMen's BasketballatMount Mercy (IA)
257:00PMJV Men's BasketballvsAurora University - JV
265:30PMWomen's BasketballvsRobert Morris (IL)
267:00PMMen's BasketballatWisconsin-Milwaukee
 UW-Milwaukee is an NCAA Division I opponent.
305:00PMWomen's BasketballatIndiana-Northwest
23:30PMMen's SoccervsMississippi College
 NCCAA National Championships - Pool Play
36:00PMWomen's SoccervsPoint Loma Nazarene University
 NCCAA National Championships - Pool Play
37:30PMJV Men's BasketballvsMcHenry County College
43:30PMMen's SoccervsSpring Arbor (MI)
 NCCAA National Championships - Pool Play
46:00PMWomen's SocceratGrace College
 NCCAA National Championships - Pool Play
47:30PMMen's BasketballatClarke University
57:15PMJV Men's BasketballatElgin CC
711:00AMMen's Indoor T&FTitan First Chance
711:00AMWomen's Indoor T&FTitan First Chance
71:00PMWomen's BasketballatSaint Xavier (IL)
73:00PMMen's BasketballatSaint Xavier (IL)
145:30PMWomen's BasketballatTrinity International (IL)
147:30PMMen's BasketballatTrinity International (IL)
175:30PMWomen's BasketballvsRoosevelt University
177:30PMMen's BasketballvsRoosevelt University
191:00PMWomen's BasketballatTrinity Christian (IL)
193:00PMMen's BasketballatTrinity Christian (IL)
282:00PMWomen's BasketballatSaint Ambrose (IA)
306:00PMMen's BasketballvsNorthwood University
 Chuck Daly Holiday Tournament
307:00PMWomen's BasketballatGoshen College
314:00PMMen's BasketballvsUniversity of Windsor
 Chuck Daly Holiday Tournament
27:00PMMen's BasketballatIndiana Univ/Purdue Unive at Indianapoli
41:00PMWomen's BasketballatSilver Lake College
85:30PMWomen's BasketballvsCardinal Stritch (WI)
87:30PMMen's BasketballvsCardinal Stritch (WI)
111:00PMWomen's BasketballatOlivet Nazarene (IL)
113:00PMMen's BasketballatOlivet Nazarene (IL)
137:00PMJV Men's BasketballatKennedy King College
155:30PMWomen's BasketballvsCalumet College (IN)
157:30PMMen's BasketballvsCalumet College (IN)
167:00PMJV Men's BasketballatOlivet Nazarene - JV
1810:00AMMen's Indoor T&FKari Schlender
1810:00AMWomen's Indoor T&FKari Schlender Invitation
187:00PMMen's BasketballatPurdue-North Central (IN)
207:00PMJV Men's BasketballvsTrinity Christian - JV
225:30PMWomen's BasketballvsSt. Francis (IL)
227:30PMMen's BasketballvsSt. Francis (IL)
2510:00AMMen's Indoor T&FEIU John Craft Invite
2511:00AMWomen's Indoor T&FEIU John Craft Invite
255:00PMWomen's BasketballvsHoly Cross College
 Rescheduled for Feb. 10
257:00PMMen's BasketballvsHoly Cross College
 Game rescheduled for Feb. 10
295:00PMWomen's BasketballatPurdue-Calumet (IN)
297:00PMMen's BasketballatPurdue-Calumet (IN)
307:00PMJV Men's BasketballatNorth Park (IL)
11:00PMWomen's BasketballvsIndiana University-South Bend
13:00PMMen's BasketballvsIndiana University-South Bend
37:30PMJV Men's BasketballatTrinity Christian - JV
47:00PMJV Men's BasketballvsTrinity International - JV
 Rescheduled from Jan. 28
55:00PMWomen's BasketballatRobert Morris (IL)
57:00PMMen's BasketballatRobert Morris (IL)
75:00PMMen's TennisatWisconsin-Eau Claire
 Center Court Athletic Club
811:00AMMen's Indoor T&FKeck Invitational
811:00AMWomen's Indoor T&FKeck Invitational
81:00PMWomen's BasketballvsSaint Xavier (IL)
83:00PMMen's BasketballvsSaint Xavier (IL)
105:30PMWomen's BasketballvsHoly Cross College
 Game rescheduled from Jan. 25
107:30PMMen's BasketballvsHoly Cross College
 Game rescheduled from Jan. 25
117:00PMJV Men's BasketballatNorth Central College - JV
125:30PMWomen's BasketballvsTrinity International (IL)
127:30PMMen's BasketballvsTrinity International (IL)
145:00PMWomen's Indoor T&FCCAC Indoor Championships
159:30AMMen's LacrosseatBenedictine University
1510:00AMMen's Indoor T&FCCAC Indoor Championships
15Game 2BaseballatMid-Continent University
1512:00PMBaseballatMid-Continent University
 Rent One Ballpark
151:00PMWomen's BasketballatRoosevelt University
151:00PMMen's LacrossevsAugustana College
153:00PMMen's BasketballatRoosevelt University
1612:00PMBaseballatMid-Continent University
 Rent One Ballpark
177:00PMJV Men's BasketballvsNorth Central College
187:00PMJV Men's BasketballvsNorth Park (IL)
195:30PMWomen's BasketballvsTrinity Christian (IL)
197:30PMMen's BasketballvsTrinity Christian (IL)
 Senior Night
215:00PMMen's Indoor T&FNCCAA Indoor National Championships
215:00PMWomen's Indoor T&FNCCAA Indoor National Championships
217:00PMMen's TennisvsElgin Community College
 Center Court Athletic Club
217:00PMWomen's TennisvsElgin Community College
221:00PMWomen's BasketballatCardinal Stritch (WI)
222:30PMBaseballatTaylor (IN)
223:00PMMen's BasketballatCardinal Stritch (WI)
225:00PMBaseballatLindsey Wilson
2312:00PMBaseballatCampbellsville University
232:30PMBaseballatLindsey Wilson
24 BaseballatCampbellsville University
21:00PMBaseballatFaulkner University
39:00AMSoftballvsSiena Heights University
 Tucson Invitational Games
311:00AMSoftballvsViterbo University
 Tucson Invitational Games
49:00AMSoftballvsArizona Christian
 Tucson Invitational Games
411:00AMSoftballvsUniversity of Great Falls
 Tucson Invitational Games
43:00PMBaseballatFaulkner University
53:00PMBaseballatAuburn University Montgomery
69:00AMSoftballatBethel (IN)
 Tucson Invitational Games
611:00AMSoftballatUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn
 Tucson Invitational Games
63:30PMSoftballvsViterbo University
 Tucson Invitational Games
65:00PMMen's Indoor T&FNAIA Indoor National Championships
65:00PMWomen's Indoor T&FNAIA Indoor National Championships
79:00AMSoftballvsAshford (IA)
 Tucson Invitational Games
711:00AMSoftballvsNorthwestern College
 Tucson Invitational Games
73:30PMSoftballvsSiena Heights University
 Tucson Invitational Games
89:00AMSoftballatAquinas College
 Tucson Invitational Games
810:00AMSoftballatUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn
 Tucson Invitational Games
8Game 2BaseballatLindenwood University-Belleville
81:00PMBaseballatLindenwood University-Belleville
9Game 2BaseballatLindenwood University-Belleville
912:00PMBaseballatLindenwood University-Belleville
131:00PMMen's LacrossevsLawrence Technological University
 4750 S. Vernon Ave,
131:30PMMen's TennisatPrairie State College
 Forest Park Tennis Center
1412:00PMSoftballatPurdue-Calumet (IN)
 Elizabethtown Sports Complex #2
144:00PMSoftballatTaylor (IN)
 Elizabethtown Sports Complex, Field #2
158:00AMSoftballatIndiana Wesleyan
 Elizabethtown Sports Complex Field #4
1512:00PMBaseballvsUniversity of Northwestern Ohio
 3474 Mcgavock Pike, Nashville, IN
1512:00PMSoftballatRobert Morris University-Springfield
 Elizabethtown Sports Complex Field #2
15Game 2BaseballvsUniversity of Northwestern Ohio
 3474 Mcgavock Pike, Nashville, TN
155:00PMBaseballvsUniversity of Northwestern Ohio
 3474 Mcgavock Pike, Nashville, TN
174:00PMMen's TennisvsMcHenry County College
2011:00AMBaseballvsClarke University
 570 South Gary Avenue, Carol Stream, IL
20Game 2BaseballvsClarke University
 Lee Pfund Stadium at Legion Field
204:00PMMen's LacrossevsMissouri State University
 South Barrington Conservancy Fields, 8 Bridges Drive
219:00AMWomen's TennisatAshford (IA)
22Game 2BaseballatHoly Cross College
229:00AMMen's TennisatAshford (IA)
2212:00PMMen's LacrossevsWashington University
 South Barrington Conservancy Fields, 8 Bridges Drive
222:00PMBaseballatHoly Cross College
 Four Winds Field (South Bend, Ind.)
2310:00AMMen's TennisatCardinal Stritch (WI)
2310:00AMWomen's TennisatCardinal Stritch (WI)
23Game 2BaseballatIndiana-Southeast
26Game 2BaseballvsClarke University
 Lee Pfund Stadium at Legion Field
2611:00AMBaseballvsClarke University
274:00PMMen's TennisvsAurora University
274:00PMWomen's TennisvsAurora University
28Game 2SoftballatGrand View (IA)
283:00PMSoftballatGrand View (IA)
284:30PMMen's TennisvsWaubonsee CC
299:00AMMen's LacrossevsMissouri Baptist University
 South Barrington Conservancy Fields, 8 Bridges Drive
2910:00AMMen's Outdoor T&FNorth Park Invitational
2910:00AMWomen's Outdoor T&FNorth Park Invitational
29Game 2BaseballatSaint Xavier (IL)
 Played at Lenz Field #6 in Jacksonville, Ill.
291:00PMBaseballatSaint Xavier (IL)
291:00PMSoftballatWilliam Penn University
29Game 2SoftballatWilliam Penn University
295:00PMMen's TennisvsOlivet Nazarene (IL)
295:00PMWomen's TennisvsOlivet Nazarene (IL)
301:00PMBaseballatSaint Xavier (IL)
 Played at Lenz Field in Jacksonville, Ill.
319:30AMMen's GolfPurdue North Central
315:00PMSoftballvsTrinity International (IL)
31Game 2SoftballvsTrinity International (IL)
1Game 2SoftballatRoosevelt University
13:00PMSoftballatRoosevelt University
14:00PMBaseballvsOlivet Nazarene (IL)
14:00PMWomen's TennisvsRoosevelt University
17:30PMBaseballvsOlivet Nazarene (IL)
24:00PMMen's TennisvsRoosevelt University
 Center Court Athletic Club, Hanover Park
27:00PMMen's LacrosseatDePaul University
 Foster Turf Fields - Lakefront Trail
43:00PMSoftballatRoosevelt University
 St. Francis Tournament/Joliet, IL
45:00PMSoftballvsSaint Ambrose (IA)
 St. Francis Tourney/ Joliet, IL
45:00PMMen's LacrosseatSaint Ambrose (IA)
 Centennial Park, 315 S. Marquette St.
5Game 2BaseballvsRoosevelt University
59:00AMSoftballatAshford (IA)
 St. Francis Tournament/ Joliet, IL
511:00AMMen's Outdoor T&FEIU Big Blue Invitational
511:00AMWomen's Outdoor T&FEIU Big Blue Invitational
512:00PMMen's TennisatSt. Francis (IL)
 Lockport High School
512:00PMWomen's TennisatSt. Francis (IL)
 Lockport High School
51:00PMBaseballvsRoosevelt University
51:00PMSoftballvsPurdue-Calumet (IN)
 St. Francis Tourney, Joliet, IL
6 BaseballatRoosevelt University
6Game 2BaseballatRoosevelt University
63:00PMMen's TennisatChicago State University
73:00PMSoftballatTrinity Christian (IL)
 make-up date from March 25
74:00PMBaseballvsPurdue-Calumet (IN)
7Game 2BaseballvsPurdue-Calumet (IN)
7Game 2SoftballatTrinity Christian (IL)
 make-up date from March 25
91:00PMBaseballatPurdue-North Central (IN)
94:00PMBaseballatPurdue-North Central (IN)
95:00PMMen's LacrosseatWheaton College
 Bean Stadium, 800 College Ave
103:00PMSoftballatCardinal Stritch (WI)
10Game 2SoftballatCardinal Stritch (WI)
1112:00PMMen's GolfBethel College
114:00PMBaseballvsCardinal Stritch (WI)
115:00PMSoftballatViterbo University
 Ashford Spring Jamboree
115:00PMMen's LacrossevsNorthwood University
117:00PMSoftballatSaint Ambrose (IA)
 Ashford Spring Jamboree
1210:00AMSoftballatAshford (IA)
 Ashford Spring Jamboree
1210:00AMMen's Outdoor T&FBenedictine Eagle Invitational
1210:00AMWomen's Outdoor T&FBenedictine Eagle Invitational
1210:30AMMen's LacrossevsDordt College
 Morris Field, 2123 S. Goebbert Rd,
1211:00AMBaseballatCardinal Stritch (WI)
1211:00AMWomen's TennisatRobert Morris (IL)
 9th Street Courts
12Game 2BaseballatCardinal Stritch (WI)
1212:30PMSoftballatWilliam Penn University
 Ashford Spring Jamboree
123:00PMMen's TennisatCalumet College (IN)
123:00PMWomen's TennisatCalumet College (IN)
1311:00AMMen's TennisatPurdue-Calumet (IN)
1311:00AMWomen's TennisatPurdue-Calumet (IN)
15Game 2SoftballvsOlivet Nazarene (IL)
154:00PMBaseballvsTrinity Christian (IL)
155:00PMSoftballvsOlivet Nazarene (IL)
15Game 2BaseballvsTrinity Christian (IL)
169:00AMMen's GolfOlivet Nazarene
17Game 2SoftballvsCalumet College (IN)
173:00PMMen's Outdoor T&FDon Church Twilight
173:00PMWomen's Outdoor T&FDon Church Twilight
175:00PMSoftballvsCalumet College (IN)
1810:00AMMen's TennisatRock Valley College
18Game 2SoftballatSt. Francis (IL)
181:00PMSoftballatSt. Francis (IL)
183:00PMBaseballvsRobert Morris (IL)
1912:00PMBaseballatRobert Morris (IL)
19Game 2BaseballatRobert Morris (IL)
194:00PMMen's LacrossevsWabash College
21 Women's TennisatTBA
 CCAC Tournament
2110:00AMMen's GolfHoly Cross
22 Men's TennisatTBA
 CCAC Tournament
22 Men's GolfHoly Cross
223:00PMSoftballatSaint Xavier (IL)
22Game 2SoftballatSaint Xavier (IL)
231:00PMBaseballatSt. Francis (IL)
23Game 2BaseballatSt. Francis (IL)
235:00PMMen's LacrossevsRobert Morris (IL)
24 Women's TennisatTBA
 CCAC Tournament - SemiFinals
245:00PMSoftballvsRobert Morris (IL)
24Game 2SoftballvsRobert Morris (IL)
25 Men's TennisatTBA
 CCAC Tournament
252:00PMBaseballatTrinity International (IL)
26 Men's TennisatTBA
 CCAC Tournament - Finals
26 Women's TennisatTBA
 CCAC Tournament - Finals
2611:00AMMen's Outdoor T&FUW-Whitewater Drake Alternative
2611:00AMWomen's Outdoor T&FUW-Whitewater Drake Alternative
26Game 2SoftballvsPurdue-North Central (IN)
2612:00PMSoftballvsPurdue-North Central (IN)
2612:00PMMen's LacrosseatFerris State University
261:00PMBaseballvsTrinity International (IL)
26Game 2BaseballvsTrinity International (IL)
296:00PMBaseballvsCalumet College (IN)
29Game 2BaseballvsCalumet College (IN)
1 SoftballatTBA
 CCAC Tournament May 1-3
24:00PMMen's Outdoor T&FCCAC Championships
35:00PMWomen's Outdoor T&FCCAC Championships
85:00PMMen's Outdoor T&FDr. Keeler Invitational at North Central College
9 SoftballatTBA
 NCCAA Regionals May 9-10
95:00PMWomen's Outdoor T&FDr. Keeler Invitational at North Central College
15 SoftballatTBA
 NCCAA Nationals May 15-17
2210:00AMMen's Outdoor T&FNAIA Outdoor National Championships
2211:00AMWomen's Outdoor T&FNAIA Outdoor National Championships