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Athletics Questionnaire

Athletics Questionnaire

This form is for the new athletes that are coming to Judson University.

  • Date * / / Pick a date.
  • Name *
  • Cell Phone * - -
  • Please let the Judson University athletic communications department know if you would prefer a text over a phone call.

  • All information is private.

  • Parent's Cell Phone 1 - -
  • Parent's Cell Phone 2 - -
  • Athletics Information

  • Head Coach Phone Number - -
  • Please be specific for what sport they are for and what year they took place in.

  • Please list your team's championships or when they made the high school playoffs or tournament.

  • Please list your top performances or records broken with your sport.

  • Please list your statistics from your high school career.

  • Please list your other activities in high school outside of athletics.

  • Transfer Information

    This section is for the athlete this is transferring to Judson from another college. Answer NA if you are not a transfer.

  • How Many Semesters Did You Attend?
  • Coach's Phone - -
  • High School Academic Information

  • Please list what year you will be at Judson.

  • Club/AAU Information

  • Coach's Phone - -
  • Media Information

    Please fill in as much information so the Judson University athletic communications department can send out information to represent you in your hometown.

  • Sports Phone - -
  • Sports Phone - -
  • Sports Phone - -
  • Sports Phone - -
  • Personal Information

    This information will be used for your bio online at judsoneagles.com

  • Has Anyone In Your Family Played Collegiate Sports? *
  • Has Anybody In Your Family Ever Played Professional Athletics? *
  • Submission to Judson University Athletics

    I submit the following information to the Judson University Athletic Communications Department and that the above information is accurate and true. I give my permission for Judson to use my information and athletic pictures to publicize Judson University.

  • Date * / / Pick a date.